Wedding Favours

Bomboniere Boxes or Favours for Christenings

Christenings, baptisms and holy communions are religious traditions / ceremonies that are special occasions that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

A Christening Bomboniere or Christening Favour can be a memento to mark that memorable occasion as a lasting memory for your guests to enjoy and a thank you for them for sharing that unforgettable day with you. It can be anything from sugared almonds to giving cake, chocolates or a small gift.

The Christening Bomboniere Boxes / Favours and Christening Bomboniere Centre Pieces sold at Bomboniere Boxes are all exquisitely made with attention to detail the highest priority. They are all hand crafted to create an everlasting memory.

Just some of the available Bomboniere centre pieces at Bomboniere Boxes specific for any of your religious event include Crosses and Goblets. However we also have a large range of boys and girls Bomboniere Boxes / Favours that may also be used to help celebrate your Christening, baptism or holy communion ceremony.

The Bomboniere Boxes / Favours at Bomboniere Boxes is vast and spectacular, with each box forming a display of its own as they sit side by side as part of a central table display.

Cross 8196
Price: $70.00
Box With Handles 8201
Price: $60.00
Baptism Cup 8197
Price: $100.00
Baptism Box 8197R
Price: $1.75
Chalice Box IO14263
Price: $1.65